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Three Strokes Teach You To Identify The Quality Of Solid Wood Doors
Jul 13, 2017

First, the use of percussion, weigh the way

The door of the filler is generally divided into solid and part of the solid, solid fillings certainly heavy, the price will be expensive, and some solid relatively light, the price is relatively cheap. But there are some black heart business will be some waste as a filler to increase the weight, so as a consumer, or to develop the habit of buying brand products.

The second way to identify is to observe the "seal"

"Seal" is directly related to the density of the door. Seal on the "possession" in the door and the door of the contact part, feels more soft. Formal business will be sealed with a seal, so to avoid the door after there is always a seam problem.

The third is the material of the door

Most of the complaints about the wooden door is a problem. The essence of the problem is that businesses do not necessarily use the same door and door leaf, solid wood doors do not represent the use of solid wood door sets. If the solid wood door with a MDF to do the door sets, because it does not contain wood fiber, water easy to foam, will lead to deformation of the door frame, so it is best to ask when the purchase of business door sets and doors are a material.