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The Characteristics Of Solid Wood Composite Doors
Jul 13, 2017

Solid wood composite door with a smooth feel, soft color characteristics, durable, and not easy to crack, are in the high-end products.

1. Process structure is more scientific, reducing the door deformation, warping probability, thus extending the life of the door.

2. The door is heavy, the use of smooth, warm, better sound insulation.

3. Factory painting, not easy to release formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases, pollute the environment.

4. Factory operation, with a high production precision.

5. The appearance of Siamese chord, texture natural clear, with a strong sense of beauty.

6. As the European imports of logs more expensive, chord-cut solid wood board is more expensive; solid wood composite door to bring consumers to feel the valuable visual enjoyment, it is only the cost of mid-range door expenses.

7. As the wood slices thin, backed by MDF board, so finished, there is a strong impact resistance.

8. According to the preferences of consumers, you can choose a different veneer, to meet the different styles of consumers with color.