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Solid Wood Doors Should Rely On To Attract Customers?
Jul 13, 2017

Quality: To make the wooden door durable deformation, must be carefully dried solid wood keel, the internal filler structure reasonable, in line with the principle of mechanical stress offset to ensure that its surrounding environment, the impact of climate, product appearance deformation Within the specified range. Good quality of the wooden doors through the hot-pressing process, solid wood edge machine mechanical edge, sanding machine flat sanding to ensure its flatness, aesthetics, firmness. In addition, to ensure the use of environmentally friendly quality of wood, MDF, paint and adhesive, etc., to meet the environmental requirements of decoration.

Price: Because of the material, paint, labor, processing technology, corporate profits and other aspects of the price factors, so the market price of wooden doors is also large, from 800 yuan / set -3000 yuan / set or so. Wooden door processing technology content is not high, competition is often from the material, labor, paint effort, there must be good and bad quality, "a sub-price goods", the general price of the higher doors, the basic quality can be guaranteed, low prices It is hard to say, to see how consumers identify.

Style: solid wood door product style affect the overall home improvement effect, it is also much consumer attention.

Service: many construction processes to be completed after the installation of the wooden door can be carried out, so the manufacturers can supply in a timely manner? Is the quality of the installation of qualified? Firmness of the product appearance is satisfactory? Whether there will be cracking, deformation and other quality problems These are troubled by the thorny problems of consumers, so in the choice of doors must be on the manufacturers of comprehensive service capabilities for a detailed investigation, so as to avoid the above problems, delay the renovation of the project progress, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.