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Installation Of KOJO Skirting
Sep 25, 2017

1.     Installation with accessories

1.1  Distance of accessories

The distance between two accessories is 330mm, the accessories at skirting two sides should be 100mm to the ends.

1.2  Install the accessories

Put the accessories into the skirting back slot, leave 2/3 of the accessories out for nailing, leave the skirting bottom 2mm gap from the floor (can use a base plate, show as figure 2, or fix a dust resist rubber seal at the bottom), then nail the accessories on the wall.


1.3  After installing the accessories, firstly fix the skirting with the PVC corner, then put the skirting at the exact position which matched with the accessories, use the rubber hammer to fix the skirting on the wall, then fix the PVC corner, same in the following. (show as figure 3,4,5)

1.4  The length of skirting board will be sawed according to the wall dimensions and then install.


2.     Installation with cover strip

2.1  Before installation: keep the wall surface straight, clean the rubbish in the wall corner.

2.2  Install the skirting: keep the skirting back and bottom tightly holding the wall, nail the skirting on the wall (figure1). If have the PVC corners, should fix the skirting with the PVC corners before nailing (figure2, 3)

2.3  Cover the strip on the skirting slot, (figure 4), then peel off the protect film on the surface.



Nail selection

1.     For gypsum board wall, just use F-30 pneumatic nail (figure 5), steel nail is forbidden because steel nail gun is too strong, easy to break through. One accessory needs two nails.

2.     For cement wall or brick wall, just use ST-25 pneumatic nail (figure 6).