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How To Choose The Material And Color Of The Wooden Door?
Jul 13, 2017

As the wooden doors belong to the living room of the functional accessories, in general: wooden doors with furniture in the home, wall paint, window sets of dumb links are relatively large. The association with the floor is relatively small.

When the living room environment for the warm colors, the relative wooden doors can choose a warmer color, such as: cherry, teak, sand Billy and so on. When the room environment for the cool colors, the corresponding should choose a little lighter doors, such as mixed oil white, birch and so on.

Wooden doors should be close to the color of furniture, should be the same set of students dumb as far as possible consistent with the wall color should have a corresponding contrast. Such as: mixed with white wooden doors to the wall paint with the best color. So that the room will have a sense of hierarchy, Buzhi Yu too "flat" will make the room feel particularly fresh.

The color of the ground with the doors of the coordination to maintain the same color, but it is best not to be consistent. To prevent the ground with the wall chaos, weaken the sense of room space.

Large, or sunny room, you can choose a deeper black walnut, can create a more calm atmosphere effect color itself is beautiful, not for the wrong. All in coordination with, if you really do not mind, then choose white, white is the most error-prone color!