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Green Concept To Promote The Development Of The Door Industry
Jul 13, 2017

With the continuous pursuit of high material and green consumer concept, environmental protection doors have become a necessity of home decoration, environmental doors are slowly into everyone's vision, slowly get everyone's approval. Industry development prospects are very good, the door industry prospects will be good, wooden door manufacturers will be good, because there are three major driving force to promote the development of wooden doors.

First with the increase in the use of wooden doors, people began to gradually began to pursue the wooden doors began to not meet with the original site manufacturing, with the increase in consumption levels, the pursuit of wooden products to promote the development of the entire wooden industry, more Making the doors from the original site manufacturing began to slowly to the factory, the development of mechanization.

Followed by China's construction space is now increasing use, there is a certain size of the manufacturers of its production can only meet these 40%, that is, there are 60% of the development of space.

The last is the second three times the decoration of the wooden door demand is very large. But also no way to statistics, because in the second three renovations, many consumers because of the improvement of quality of life, rather than the old wooden doors to brush what paint, but began to tend to new products, so whether it is new Or the old house it is the demand for wooden doors is very great.