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“Environmental New Material” Enter The Wooden Door Industry
Sep 21, 2017

With the concept of "environmental protection, energy saving", wood plastic composite material get rapid development in recent years at home and abroad. With its excellent properties, the application field of this new composite material expands unceasingly from the original WPC pallets, storage shelves, building templates, outdoor landscape materials to indoor building material application now, especially the rapid development of door and window products. Because of its excellent properties, WPC door is very popular.


Why WPC material can play an important role in the wooden door products?

    1.  The excellent properties of WPC materials itself

    WPC material can conserve natural resources. It is environmental protection, energy recycling, of light weight, of good rigidity, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof and anti-corrosion, mould proof, insect-resistant, no pollutants release (like formaldehyde), not easy to deform and crack. It can be screwed, drilled, planed, sawed, glued and painted like wood. And it avoids the disadvantages of plastic products like easy ageing, poor screw holding capability, high heat sensitivity in decorative building materials.

    2、Door and door frame

    With the improving of consumption level, interior decoration trend is upsurge, and wooden door products have been took seriously by more consumers. Wooden door industry is not only a low labor-intensive industry, the demand for wooden door quality is higher, so the technology content of wooden door production must be improved constantly. The matching door frame is always ignored during the innovation of wooden door.

1)   The traditional manufacturing technology and plate material (solid

wood, sandwich plate, density board) are difficult to be designed flexibly according to the wall structure so as to achieve the use requirements of fast installation, beautiful and high strength. WPC material can be extruded for complicated profile, and its structure can be designed flexibly according to the wall structure.

 2) Solid wood, sandwich plate and density board door frames and architraves are more or less limited by the usage environment. If the structure is not good, solid wood door frame is easy to deform and crack, and density board door frame will be water swelling and moldy in the humid environment. WPC material can make up for the disadvantages of solid wood, sandwich plate and density board, such as waterproof, anti-corrosion, not easy to deform and crack.

3) It is difficult to realize door frame mass production of solid wood, sandwich plate and density board material, but wood plastic composite materials can meet the capacity requirements of scale production.
    4) The strength in transportation, installation and durability in usage. The strength of WPC material is significantly higher than other wood materials as long as WPC products have the reasonable structure design.