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Doors And Windows Use Maintenance Tips
Jul 13, 2017

Home doors, windows use more frequently, but also easy to be damaged, usually if you can move some brains, in the use and maintenance to master some tips, can bring convenience to life.

1, so that the door is not the wind open: the door after the door closed if it is easy to be open or not open from the wind, neither convenient nor less secure, can find a suitable size of the powerful magnets, buried in the top of the door About a quarter of the door height, and then in the door and the door frame coincide with the place nail a piece of metal, close the door after the mutual suction, you can prevent the door was blown open. Cupboards, wardrobes, windows, etc. can also be used to deal with this method.

2, homemade elastic block: the door of the house often have to switch, when the door is opened, often directly against the wall, a long time, the door on the lock box and handle easy to touch the wall, And the door, affecting the appearance. Can find a piece of rubber about 5 cm thick or in a small piece of wood on a piece of thick rubber, nailed to the door side by side of the hinge on the side of the corner, it will not make the door, the window crash.

3, the ball door lock anti-astringent: marbles door lock with a long time, often dry and dry, open and close is not easy. In this case, you can point in the activities of the lock after the two drops of oil or wipe with a few soap, the lock on the flexible, open and close freely.

4, to the iron door window window: the first cut into the steel window with the size of the inner frame of the same size, and then rolling in the four sides of a narrow strip of cloth reinforcement, so that it can not afford, then the velcro A piece of cloth in the curtain on the four sides of the cloth, will be with the nylon buckle with "sticky stickers" affixed in the iron gate (window) box around, and finally the window can be installed.