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Deconstruction Of The Department Of Decorative Roof Wall Of The Truth
Jul 13, 2017

Wall moldy is a lot of owners of the pain, especially in humid environment, the mold will be a lot of breeding, resulting in wall mottled. In the market, there are many varied wall materials known to be waterproof, mildew ... consumers are fans spent eyes, I do not know how to choose. Today, small series with you to decipher the Department of wood-plastic sheet why the waterproof, mildew of the mystery.

Wall moldy, also known as wall cancer, wall moldy, wall moldy not only will be beautiful, and moldy hidden in a variety of mold will harm people's health. Because mold will spread the mold spores, the harm to the human body is great. Mold spores flow in the air, into the body into the respiratory system rapid propagation. Long-term exposure and fine as mold, can cause respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms, low immunity may also cause headaches, fever, skin or mucosal inflammation, mold poisoning, coma, serious will produce cancer. Especially for infants and young children, they are low resistance, soft skin, in the mold environment is easy to cause skin diseases.