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Classification And Characteristics Of Wooden Doors
Jul 13, 2017

The general form of wooden doors are: plywood door, panel door, flat door, wooden door glass door, antique flower door, wooden lattice door.

The installation of a flat door, sliding doors, shuttle doors, revolving doors and so on.

The process doors are the general term for the plywood door and the panel door. Its form is more active, the surface can be decorated with a variety of fine lines. Can do indoor doors, but also do the main door facing the outdoor. Craft doors can be divided into: wood color wooden doors, Zamu wooden doors, solid wood veneer door (veneer: teak, maple, ash, oak, etc.).

1, wooden veneer door. This door is made of solid wood frame, veneer with maple, teak, beech, ash, oak. It is characterized by beautiful, generous shape, not easy to deformation, the price is relatively cheap.

2, wood color wooden door. Its material using logs, direct processing, high quality process. It is characterized by luxurious and beautiful, solid shape, high prices, easy to deformation.

3, Zamu wooden doors in addition to its material is inferior to the wood color door, the other, such as processing principles, modeling process and wood doors are basically the same. Features are beautiful, not easy to deformation, the price is also lower than the wood color wooden doors.

Wooden door glass door according to the different varieties of glass can be divided into: frosted glass lattice doors, glass lattice doors, glass lattice doors, stained glass lattice doors and so on.

Flat door has a long history, it's plain, simple to bring a sense of practical. It is made of teak wood, maple, ash, oak, etc. It is characterized by easy to clean, smooth and generous. Usually used for simple decoration, simple home.

Wooden metal lattice doors, especially with modern decorative atmosphere and flavor, such as black metal modeling lines, wood color door frame, hazy glass, itself is an elegant, exquisite works of art.

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