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Buy The Door Seven Points
Jul 13, 2017

First, style. Inner door is the face of the entire home environment, consistent with the entire home design style is the basis of matching the inner door;

Second, the door and the door sets. The door is not thicker the better. Solid wood composite doors to take natural solid wood, light weight, you can achieve the same specifications pure solid wood door weight 50%;

Third, the door core board. In the solid wood mesh keel, filled with corrugated paper, frame filled with foam, bridge hole mechanical board, etc., to bridge the best of the comprehensive capacity of mechanical board;

Fourth, hardware. Locks, hinges and other small details will also directly affect the use of the inner door comfort;

Fifth, the door for the special seal. Only a small number of domestic brands to provide special seal within the door;

Sixth, the use of plastic. See whether the use of doors and windows for expansion of plastic;

Seventh, after-sales service. Small brands generally no warranty and aftermarket, regular brand as a whole within the door warranty for more than a year, hardware for six months.