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WPC Door—Indoor Waterproof Door
Sep 20, 2017

Today, more people increasingly pay attention to environmental protection decoration. The selection of indoor door is one of the important objects. KOJO WPC door has many advantages, which is the “dark horse” in interior door series. suddenly a dark horse in the family.

1.  What is WPC(Wood and Plastic) Door?

WPC door is made from wood ultrafine powder and polymer resin by extrusion and it has the excellent characteristics of both wood and plastics. As we don’t use glue adhesion in the production process, it won't produce harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloro ethylene. WPC material is a kind of green environmental protection new material to replace the traditional wood.

2. The advantages of KOJO wood plastic composite door

1) Environmental Protection

Tested by SGS, the formaldehyde emission of KOJO WPC door is far lower than the E0 grade standard, which is close to "zero - formaldehyde".
    2) Waterproof, Moisture-proof

 KOJO WPC door also has the inherent advantages of plastic material: waterproof, mouldproof, particularly suitable for the places in the damp environment such as toilet, storage.

3) Termite and Insect Resistant

WPC door has the outstanding performance of preventing termites decay. It is suitable for coastal and damp and hot areas that termites rampant in.

4) Prevent Deformation and Cracking

Unlike the conventional compound wooden door, WPC door panel is extruded from the production line as the whole part, which completely avoids bending deformation and cracking.

5) Good Performance of Heat Preservation and Sound Insulation

WPC door has uniform, fine bubble hole and a specially designed improperness structure to ensure its low thermal conductivity and good performance of noise reduction.Particularly KOJO WPC door, the top and bottom door is filled with wood block and PU foam, so the noise reduction effect is better than the ordinary door.
       6) Good Flame Retardant Performance

WPC door don’t help to combust and extinguish automatically after fire. B1 fire rating material.

3. KOJO WPC Door Specifications and Categories

1) For finishing effect, we can do paint door and PVC wrapping door. For KOJO WPC painting door, we use automatic UV primer painting and environmental PU CNC automatic spraying finish painting.For PVC wrapping WPC door, we use the international leading PUR adhesive coating, not only greatly improving the production efficiency, the main advantage is high bond strength, high and low temperature resistance (PUR adhesive is irreversible after solidification), solvent-free, environmental protection, etc.
     2) Specification of Door Leaf

Door leaf thickness is 45 mm and 35 mm; The width is from 520 mm to 930 mm; There is no limitation on the length.
If you want to get more KOJO wood plastic composite door product information, welcome consultation: 0571-23287219.


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