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Wooden door material
Jul 13, 2017

Market doors can be divided into five categories, namely solid wood doors, solid wood doors, composite doors, molded doors, plywood doors, solid wood doors

The use of natural logs directly from the processing, the process requirements are high, the market is relatively high grade of a door solid wood doors and door panels are natural wood, the structure of the door frame connection, mosaic door core board. This solid wood door surface does not paste any material, the surface texture characteristics determined by the core material, really solid wood doors are natural solid wood doors solid wood doors color clear and beautiful, natural texture harmony, insulation, sound insulation effect, because the production process is almost To the adhesive, so environmental protection

But also to see its shortcomings, if the processing technology, but off, solid wood door body deformation, tenon joints easy to crack, the door core board exposed white. Because of the sophisticated materials, process requirements are high, so expensive, the average price of solid wood doors per square meter are more than a thousand dollars

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