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What kind of wooden door can not be bought?
Jul 13, 2017

1. Do not buy pungent smell

Close to the original wooden door if you smell a pungent smell, or smell the choke dry eyes, tears, sneezing, indicating a higher release of formaldehyde in the door, it is not environmentally friendly, should be carefully chosen.

2. Do not buy the sound when you do not buy

When buying the original wooden doors can knock on the door surface, good wood sound mellow texture, low-grade wood is generally more hoarse, and some knocking up the sound of the wooden doors, there may be empty, or put the filler, Not the real wooden door.

3. Do not buy light weight too light

The original wooden door is made of full-page logs, the weight is heavier, and the poor wooden doors are lighter in weight, there is no specific data standard, because the different size of the weight of the wooden doors will be different, we can open the doors, judgment.

4 do not have to prove that do not buy

Buy the original wooden door, to see whether the state issued by the state of quality certification, but also to see if there is no attached material, structure, quality and performance of the detailed description of the book, if there is no such proof, is likely to be three no Manufacturers do not guarantee the quality, it is best not to buy.

5. Do not buy the price too cheap

We all know that good goods are not cheap, cheap no good goods, and the use of the original wooden doors of high cost, and the process is complicated, so the price is naturally more expensive. Some of the cheap wooden doors are likely to be made of low quality wood, or which is poor quality filler, the surface coated with poor quality paint, such doors are not durable and environmentally friendly.

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